Last day of summer

Although much of our home is new, most of it is still exactly the same…just with sturdy floors, a leak proof roof and hydronic heating!  Our girl will turn 100 yrs old in a few years and she is still very much herself, just refreshed.  Hard to believe it’s now the end of Summer and we are looking forward to being warm and cosy in our home this Winter (last Winter was FREEZING as we started renovations in bitter weather).  A few pics below.

21022015 11

26112014 1


I look forward to planting up the garden in late Winter, our  garden isn’t complete without our old vegie garden.  Still, the little planter is doing quite well!  I’ve made endless jars of pesto with the crazy basil of both purple and emerald varieties.

21022015 14 21122014 8  26112014 5 26112014 6 26112014 7 IMG_1502 IMG_1503

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2 Responses to Last day of summer

  1. ann says:

    I am so glad to see you back. The house looks beautiful. Clean. Fresh. Home. As you enter winter, we are suffering thorugh February, having broken the snow record this week. Actually here in where we are, we have been spared the really miserable snow; however, the official measurements taken at Denver National Airport recored 22.4 for Feburary 2014. A twenty year record, I think. Our east coast has been hammered with viscious snow and ice storms. March arrives tomorrow, bringing dreams of tulips and daffodils and sunshine. We have 6 baby chicks in the brooder in the office. I’ll be blogging about them this week. I am so gald that you life is back to normal, most especially that you are still blogging. I thought of you just the other day. Stay well, my friend.

  2. Oh so nice to hear from you again! That pic of that extra large lounge and extra tiny little doll like figure is ADORABLE! what a little cutie. What a beautiful home you have 🙂

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