November has held many wonderful memories and brings many beautiful things with it…

I’m still always confused by what to expect given I grew up on the other side of the equator where I thought of November as crunchy Autumn leaves and turned up coat collars, now I think Spring Racing, hats and blossoms … and peonies.

Peonies are such a beautiful flower, delicately fragile blooms when fully open, so shiny and strong when young buds.  Like people.  They have such a short season, I indulge and have them in our home all November long…

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3 Responses to Peonies

  1. ann says:

    The pink peonies look so pretty against a white background. I miss mine; they are sleeping. Happy Spring.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi. You kitchen is amazing. What colour / brand are the stone bench tops and splashback ?

  3. catmint says:

    Peonies are divine, I’ve never tried to grow them. Roses seem less forbidding somehow. I’m bracing myself as summer approaches, and as usual worry about how the garden will cope without especially in the parts that are not established.

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