Week 23 Wrap Up

This week sees more progress on the garden as we level out the area for the lawn, sow more seeds and lay grass.  Cannot wait to have our garden flourishing, I adore being in the garden.

Melbourne’s given us some pretty wild weather so I’m hoping the little sprouting seedlings will be ok – fluctuating between 32 degree scorching sun and 8 degree freezing windy days.

The painting continues…an epic saga in its own right… I am so blessed with my husband, a harder working more positive soul is hard to find.  Nearly there though…a few more weekends of painting and tiling to go !

02112014 10

30102014 11 30102014 9

30102014 1230102014 1330102014 10

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One Response to Week 23 Wrap Up

  1. catmint says:

    Dear Mrs Bok, so lovely to catch up after all this time. Yes, the weather here has been crazy, even more changeable than usual. I hope your little seedlings do OK, and good luck establishing your new garden.

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