Week 22 Wrap Up

30102014 17

Sorry this post is late, thanks lil sis for reminding me – at least someone reads this journal other than me!

Last week has been HUGE.

  • Finished sanding, prepping, painting (my husband is a superstar)
  • Started on the re-glossing of doors, architraves, windows, etc…seeing as my Stevie glossed in the wrong shade of white  (thankfully he loves me again)
  • Started to hang up our art!

26102014 1


Moving the children into their own bedrooms has been epic. We were really looking forward to our first night of good sleep without them keeping us up all night with their farting, snoring and other noises, however that night Melbourne experienced one its biggest storms of the year – the thunder was incredible, the lightning bright enough to read a book by and the rain unrelenting.  Needless to say no sleep was had by all as the children were awake and poor lil Ru cried all night terrified poor kitty (either that or talking to the storm)…

26102014 6 26102014 7 28102014 1 26102014 4 26102014 3 26102014 2

Still have a lot to do, the old living rooms need to be finished and furniture moved around so not hanging up the rest of the art yet.  Still in storage!

We really needs rugs, runners, a sofa, plates, cutlery…hahahaha neverending list! – but really, rugs are the only big thing we need as we’ve given away all of our old ones.

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5 Responses to Week 22 Wrap Up

  1. Kylie says:

    It all looks wonderful to me as is. Magazine worthy – if there’s such a thing? It’s going to look even more speccy when you get the rest of your ‘stuff’ in place.

    p.s. I do read your blog and get green-eyed over your pics – just don’t comment.

  2. ann says:

    I always read your posts. I missed you while you were gone. Glad that your are back. Yes, you home does look Home and Garden magazine worthy. The kids will love having their own rooms again, so will you. Do you celebrate Halloween? If so have a happy one.

  3. Beautiful! So glad its all coming together for you – home stretch now!! That palm looks the picture of health too x

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