Week 21 Wrap Up

It’s been a crazy week!

My daughter turned 10, I finished editing 5 chapters of a book on land, human and food security, I was asked to join the board of an NGO I’ve been doing work with for the UN…you’d think the house was finished.

HA!  No.  The plasterers and my incredibly hard working and awesome husband started on the old part of the house – he will have to finish it by tomorrow night as our floors will start to go in on Tuesday!

19102014 33

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19102014 15

Did you know mixing colour into fondant is a total pain in the ass??  And making a cube is impossible.  Many layers of cake and yet still not a perfect cube.

Lani’s response…’Good effort mum’.

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One Response to Week 21 Wrap Up

  1. ann says:

    Sweet girl. And Happy Birthday to her. I do enjoy 10 year olds. Great progress on the house. One day at a time. It will be done before you know it. Hope you are enjoying the week end. Here, Fall is falling, but the days are warm and the courntryside beautifully bathed in golden fall colors. Today we went with the grand daughters to the pumpkin patch to get our Halloween pumpkins. Do you celebrate Halloween? I cannot imagine Halloween in the spring. LOL.

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