French Linen Sheets

I’ve always wanted linen sheets.  Just couldn’t justify the expense so I kept putting it off. When our last set of cotton sheets died (Ru!!) I went hunting.  You won’t believe how hard it is to find French, quality, relatively inexpensive (compared with other brands) linen.

I spied some beautiful sheets over at Blonde&Bone, Hannah kindly pointed me in the direction of  The Foxes Den in NZ – stone washed, created and made in France – they are really really beautiful.  Sure my husband may have coughed a bit when he saw our credit card statement but hey he had a great sleep last night!  (Aside from the kids that is – sharing a room with them IS HELL).

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Ru, always a lover of our bed or anywhere we are really, wholeheartedly approves…

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2 Responses to French Linen Sheets

  1. Oh my gosh, looks amazing! Love your linen and feature wall….lucky you! You wouldn’t have wanted to get out of bed this morning 🙂

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