Spring Gardening

By now I would normally have had a huge number of seeds and seedlings in the ground, however given the state of our home at the moment, the best we could do was this.

Our builder made us a huge planter box to finish up the deck.  We filled it…not a small task when the soil was delivered to the driveway at the front of the house with no way of getting it to the back other than wheelbarrow load after wheelbarrow load and up a series of planks…

04102014 28

04102014 3304102014 3504102014 3604102014 3807102014 8The rosemary survived the transplant from old apple crate to old broken pot in the middle of a demolition zone – it better not cark it now that it’s finally in decent soil…

I’ve got red curly kale (I hate eating kale but chooks love it) sprouting round the corner behind the house as well as a myriad of other leafy things.

04102014 32 04102014 31

Another surprise, our almond which I was ready to put out onto the nature strip suddenly came back to life and is even sporting around 20 almonds.  Perhaps rosemary and almonds thrive on building dust?  Or neglect?  Same with our nectarine, seems it decided to flower and set fruit this year…

04102014 30  04102014 27     07102014 2 07102014 1 04102014 41 07102014 9  07102014 7This ‘hanging’ pot of succulents has hung around alternately fading and resurrecting for the last 3 years.  Again seems to love a diet of builders dust and concrete…

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