Week 18 Wrap Up

This week has been HUMUNGOUS!

  • Floors were finished in new part of house
  • Moved into the new part of our house!  All of our furniture is now in the new part even though it doesn’t match and will go back into the old part of the house once that is renovated

25092014 13

  • Stripped the floors, nails, architraves in the part of the house we were living in – such hard work, thank you so much to our friends who helped us on Grand Final day!  And Stevie has been a powerhouse, don’t think that man ever stops moving27092014 1
  • Knocked out the driveway – surprised that although our building contract included a new garage, it did not apparently include works to the driveway to lead into the garage.  Something to watch out for if you’re building your home – put driveways into your contracts!
  • Took possession of a new table – have been after this tripod for such a long long long time so very happy to have one now.  Rest of dining chairs will arrive by end October, the eggcup stools will go back to being our bedside tables then

26092014 2

  • All four of us are now sleeping in the one bedroom and sharing the ensuite.  Sharing the ensuite is just fine as we’ve shared the same tiny bathroom/loo for many years…but sharing a bedroom is tough when you have two little farty beings !

25092014 2

It’s a pretty exciting time though!  Only a short while longer to go fingers crossed – new floors, hydronics to be laid, air conditioners to go in, limestone plaster to be carved out so that the home can be rewired FINALLY, old bathroom to be converted to linen/loo.  I had wondered if building would slow given we’ve now made our biggest payment to the builder, will wait and see but he’s been great so far so fingers crossed.

Gale force winds today in Melbourne, watching the bits of timber etc flying around outside with some anxiety.  Boy and cat are enjoying many rests in the sunshine in between bouts of racing around in new found space and freedom…

27092014 8 27092014 6

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2 Responses to Week 18 Wrap Up

  1. Love the floors, such a lovely colour!

  2. Susie says:

    Fantastic blog well done lovely x

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