New Kitchen is working !

Our old kitchen has completely gone and our new kitchen has been connected!

The kitchen tap I was banging on about here is a real beauty…very pleased that the black sink, hob and tap came together so well.  And really happy that the cabinet maker’s pencil drawings turned out so well too!  The floors are an absolute DREAM – I will post separately on these.  The hassle we had with them has all worked out for the best and Kim has been wonderful, he even came out to ensure the quality.

24092014 23 24092014 3  24092014 25

It is SO LOVELY being in our new kitchen, our plan is to move into the new section completely this week then spend Grand Final weekend ripping up the floors in the rest of the house where we have been living so that the renovations can begin there!

24092014 14  24092014 18

Cannot wait for this to be over and the whole house to be complete.  What a journey it has been so far – very satisfying to see everything we’ve chosen and designed come to life.

The tiler is going to come back to re-tile the pantry (again) next week so once that is done, the dishwasher cabinetry in (it is a partially integrated one) and the pendant lights over the island bench lowered (the sparky just set them at a temporary height until we were in), one room will be complete!

24092014 15

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8 Responses to New Kitchen is working !

  1. Oh my gosh, this is so divine! Dream kitchen right here:) You must me thrilled with it. Looks lovely. I love the sink and benchtop and splashback together, great combo!. Looking forward to seeing more progress when you are settled in!

  2. Kylie says:

    I love your black tap (and sweet peas too)

  3. ann says:

    Your new kitchen looks so sleek and modern. It is really pretty and I like the touch of pink, ultra chic. You will enjoy the new space. Sounds like you have a ways to go yet. As to the LED lights: isn’t it sad that we have to use something that we hate and don’t have any choice?!

  4. Shell Brodie says:

    Oh my goodness it’s a whole new house! You aren’t going to know yourself! Luvs ya 😃

  5. ombiaombia says:

    Beautiful kitchen and bonus for cat!

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