Week 17 Wrap Up

It’s been a busy week, it feels like a lot has happened whilst not much has happened at the same time:

  • Dave our electrician put in more lights and hooked up our stove and oven – not tested as yet whilst floors are being laid around the kitchen
  • Plumber started plumbing in some taps
  • Sewage smell is making itself known in the ensuite, this will be fixed Monday when the trap / S bends are capped
  • Shower screens went in
  • Floors started!  Very exciting – more on this soon
  • Foxtel connection went in
  • Telstra came to tell us that they’d cut our phone line so would have to return yet again (sigh but I am not surprised…)
  • We bought a beautiful pendant for above the dining table today, having given up on the Parison light (too $$)
  • Tilers came back to re-tile the laundry (they didn’t do a great job the first time so re-did it) – they also tiled the pantry but we need them to redo it because again they did a pretty poor job – probably our most disappointing tradies to date
  • These 12 beauties went in on Friday:

19092014 8 19092014 9 19092014 10Pretty sure Ru is over the renos too…

19092014 16

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One Response to Week 17 Wrap Up

  1. Ann says:

    You are making great progress. Renovations take forever especially when workers screw up. Sounds like you are handling it all rather well. Hope you have a good week.

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