Goodbye Patrick

One of my mates passed away earlier this year.

I will never forget the call asking me to pull over so that I could be told the news – I had been away in NZ when it happened, so suddenly, doing what he loved most – climbing.

Today we interred his ashes.  I couldn’t bring myself to sprinkle soil over his ashes.  Patrick does not belong in the ground, he belongs high up in the mountains silhouetted against the sky, wind ruffling his hair and lifting him as he climbs higher.

I can barely believe it’s been almost 6 months.  I sat with him awhile today and cried like a baby, I know he’s not in those ashes, I know he’s away laughing somewhere…but I still get those moments where my chest swells so much with grief I can’t breathe.

I was in denial for a very long time, it has taken a while to accept that there is no future that we will share and no tomorrows where we will laugh together again.  Fly free Patty.

patty3 point perpendicular patty5 point perp patty6 lazy lobsters point perppatty1

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