As we get closer to the end, I’ve been getting a bit more claustrophobic.  There isn’t anywhere for me to go where there isn’t dust, noise, feet and … just renovation ‘stuff’!  So on the weekend my very awesome husband put up a present for me.  Even though it swings out over the half dead garden and allows me to survey the rubble, it also gives me some peace and just the feel of scchhhwwwwing !!  makes it alright.  I like to swing out and plan the garden and what it will be like.

When the kids aren’t hogging the swing that is.

14092014 1314092014 9

We moved a lot of the rubble from the garden over the weekend to see what we had, what was alive, what we could plot…and I was very pleasantly surprised to see that quite a few trees survived being pulled out by careless workmen and left lying for dead behind mounds of crap.

We have lost:

  • all our magnolias
  • one mandarin
  • my lemon tree
  • my treasured lime tree – the plumbers destroyed it when digging for pipes
  • an almond
  • an espaliered apple
  • a tall tree that produces ice cream tasting round cannon ball sized fruit, can’t remember what it’s called! – this one was devastating as I’ve nurtured it from very tiny seedling – hoping it revives

14092014 1114092014 12

14092014 4

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3 Responses to Schwing!

  1. That ice cream fruit tree sounds fantastic! It’s not the ice cream fruit is it? Sorry if that sounds silly, but I’ve been told about it.

  2. Georgy says:

    Wow, your place is looking amazing, love the deck! Thanks for your comment on my blog, it is good to reconnect with blogger friends. Gx

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