Storms on a new roof

This week our roof was stripped of the 100 yr old tiles (‘crumbly like biscuits’ as every roofer has told us over the years).  The same day, they lay the new tough tiles HOORAY – that night it rained.  The next day it stormed, I mean really stormed…that is hail and flooding below, not snow.




10092014 5 10092014 4

10092014 13

Our roof was just fine!  No more buckets when it rains.  No more panic and anxiety when I watch a storm roll in over the bay from my windows at work. Loving it.

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3 Responses to Storms on a new roof

  1. ann says:

    The house looks beautiful. Sleek and modern. Last year at this time, our part of the state flooded, wiping out little mountain towns and prairie farms and trailer house villages. Our friends lost their home and had to rebuild. She cringes at the thought of more rain than a few drops. Looks like you are making very good progress.

  2. My husband and I run a roofing company, so I had to chuckle when I read this post. So often we replace a roof and it literally storms or rains the next day. It is often impeccable timing! 🙂

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