Week 15 Wrap up

I fought back tears in the taxi on the way home from the airport tonight after another work day in Sydney.  My cab driver, Ali,  was such a cheerful, happy kind man with such an immense story.  He is a refugee from Somalia and spent 3 years in a refugee camp with his 3 small children.  He now works 3 jobs and has done a diploma in project management and is so grateful to be here in a relatively safe country.  We talked about cultural identity, integration, housing, children, marriage, losing everything and gaining everything.  Some people have such a will to live their lives with peace, passion and pride, others not so much.  Those that value each moment, who see beyond the every day and have a habit of gratefulness often born out of a life of struggle and hardship are inspirational to me.

A wrap up of week 15 with the reno:

  • Painter started in the new section
  • Range hoods installed
  • Tiling complete in the bathrooms (wish we had been able to afford penny round tiles at the time ah well)
  • Tiling complete in the laundry (at least we got them here!)
  • Behind by a fortnight due to the stone masons running late
  • Plastering of eaves has begun
  • Soil and mulch delivered for our 82 yr old neighbour – my star of a husband is going to re-do her garden this weekend

04092014 3  04092014 1

04092014 2




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