Week 14 Wrap up

I can’t believe we are just finishing Week 14 of the renovation.  It has gone so quickly!  At least we think it’s Week 14 – my Stevie thinks that we started May 19 because he remembers spending his birthday weekend cleaning out the garage getting ready for demolition…I seem to think it was a bit later!  If only we’d started this reno journal earlier…

280814 9

The deck is finished! Even if the insides have a long way to go yet…here are my monsters celebrating Book Week for school

So far we have:

  • demolished 3/4 our house
  • laid a new slab
  • put up the new part of the house
  • got walls and roof on the new bit
  • destroyed our garden and sent our chooks to live with a friend until the renos are over

Once we finish the new bit we will move into it – then work will begin on the remaining old bit! 

280814 5

Can’t believe we’ve come this far already yet at the same time am more impatient than ever to be done!


  • How lovely and speedy our tradies have been (well speedy up to now – just had news our stone mason is waaaay behind thus putting our build out a bit argh)
  • Seeing the new house come together and our ideas actually crystalising in front of us


  • Renovating through the thick of winter – the freezing cold, frost in the bathroom! …but it’s been great that there are no bugs or mosquitos as there would have been through Summer!
  • Living through the dust, noise, lack of privacy …but it has been cosy living together in a tiny space
  • How depressing it is that everything we love costs the earth! …but our sacrifices are worth it too

280814 3280814 10 290814 5  

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