More kitchen!

The kitchen is shaping up pretty well considering we had no idea what it might look like – as you can see, these are Tony’s hand drawings as he is not great with software or the internet.  He does however (thankfully) appear to be very good with cabinetry!   And as I’ve mentioned before – he’s lovely.

260814 29  260814 27

We had a small problem with the sink – it was delivered without any parts, so it will have to go back to the store and a new one will have to be delivered.  It’s a tiny bit controversial too, a black sink!  but I do love it.

 260814 30        260814 12

260814 13260814 11260814 17260814 14260814 25

I hear it was lovely and sunny in Melbourne today, I wouldn’t know I was in rainy Sydney where they had to drag me from the office kitchen…there was an ice cream freezer! And a cookie cupboard!  And a savoury cupboard! And jars upon jars of lollies!  And a beer fridge…and a drinks fridge…and I think our reno needs all of those things.  Especially the ice cream freezer. 

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6 Responses to More kitchen!

  1. lindyloumac says:

    My kitchen is black and white with touches of red My white Belfast sink came without taps which is normal in the UK, Thanks for your lovely comment on Travel Tales.

  2. Rach says:

    Love the black sink!

  3. OK, frost in the bathroom? And you live in Australia…oh have you ever popped my fantasy bubble…you mean it gets cold there? Ugh…sigh…lol.

    I think that when you are all cosy and happy in your newly renovated place you will absolutely love it…and then look back and think, wow, what a journey.


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