The cabinetry is here!

An incredibly exciting moment happened yesterday.

Not only did Melbourne give us our first Spring like Saturday (the sunshine, minuscule rise in temps, fragrance of wattle and cherry blossom in the air)…

230814 12                                    230814 11

…but our wonderful cabinet maker also rocked up, mate in tow, to deliver cabinetry that he will start to install on Monday.

I have to explain why this was such a heart stopping moment for us – you see, Tony is a lovely man of the old school variety who has worked with our builder for over 20 years.  He doesn’t use email.  He doesn’t use the internet.  Nor indeed even any drawing software!  His sketches are all 100% pencil and ruler drawn by hand and then carefully faxed or photocopied.  He is however one of the nicest, low key, non fuss people you could possibly meet.  I showed him photos of what I wanted…and used a lot of terrible drawings (I am no artist) and lots of earnest talking to try to convey my ideas.  So we really had no idea if what we had in our minds had actually been completely understood and translated into Tony’s mind!  From everything like finishes, to door handles, to heights.

So far so good though!

230814 33230814 3

230814 6  230814 1

230814 41

230814 37    230814 35

I can’t wait to see it all in place!   Hopefully it’s what we wanted.  

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9 Responses to The cabinetry is here!

  1. I have learnt in recent years that tradespeople are wonderfully talented, but can also be hit and miss both in when they turn up and what they do! I’m glad your cabinets are off to a good start, and spring weather sounds like a bonus too 🙂

  2. Having your dreams converted to reality and getting what you wanted is like a miracle…good for you.

    Spring? Now don’t go making us jealous.


  3. ann says:

    I have to get used to your new moniker Little Kar Star as opposed to Mrs. Bok. It is nice to have you back on my reading list and to see your comments again at the Garden Spot. I had wondered what had happened to you. I can barely make it through a remodel job here (we need to do work in the kitchen), let along rebuild a whole new house. Exciting I am sure to have all new, but very hard to have lost a home. Thank you for leaving kind comments and returning to the Garden Spot now that you have returned to blogging. Will you have hens again? Ours are dying of old age. We began with 12 and are down to 4 of the originals and two new ones. They do give plenty of eggs. Good luck on the construction.

  4. Sonia says:

    Hey K! Your house looks amazing!! 🙂 Very impressed with how much thought you’ve obviously put into this project. My favourite aspects are the floorboards, and your cat 🙂 Our flat is completely different – Victorian in age and style, so I don’t know enough about modern interior design to comment too much, but it looks fab and I can’t wait to visit some day 🙂 Lots of love xxx

  5. Oh how exciting. your house is going to be amazing and old school he might be but it looks like Tony is doing an awesome job Cant wait to watch your house come alive xx

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