Shades of (pale) grey

Before build began, our builder joked (I’m sure it was only half joking mind you) – that the build would only be late if we were the cause as he has almost never completed a build late in 20 years of the trade.

Well…we scoffed at the time – being the super organised folk we are, surely that would never happen!  I can tell you that we aren’t laughing any more!  We have had a bit of a blow with the floors that we ordered (separately to what the builder had organised).  We fell in love with the pale grey floors at a floor company following a chat I had with Alisa and Lysandra (twins from The Block that I met on a plane to the Gold Coast early this year) who raved about their floors.

We were originally due to receive the floors in August (we are scheduled to lay boards in the extension at the end of this month!), then it was pushed to September…then last week we were informed that it would be end October at best.  This as you can imagine was devastating.  Kim from the flooring place was apologetic and has done his best to rectify the situation, he had a batch from a different supplier that we could have used but after inspecting the batch on Saturday, disappointingly found that it was very much off the mark in terms of colour.
What do you think of it here?


The small square at the bottom is the pale grey that we fell in love with and ordered in May. The long plank to the right is the ‘pale grey’ alternative but as you can see…it’s purple!! 

Luckily they have found a batch of the original pale grey but it is in a slightly thicker board which will mean that our builder needs to remove and redo the skirtings and architraves – at additional cost of course – but seeing as the floors are such a vital part of our build, we don’t have much choice.  Fingers crossed they look good!

This is probably the most stressed I’ve been all build.  The floor colour has really driven our colour choices in everything – and with a deadline to meet (we need to move into the new extension by end September so that work can begin on the old part of the home) we haven’t got many options.

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One Response to Shades of (pale) grey

  1. Ann says:

    You must catch us up on what happened to your home. Hurricane? Tornado ? Glad to see that your back blogging. I have missed you. Your children are so big now.

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