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Home sweet home…

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The Vertue of the Coffee…and butterbing…

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Ru for Ingrain Designs

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Daily Rituals

I fell in love

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Elizabeth Barnett – Daily Rituals

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Last day of summer

Although much of our home is new, most of it is still exactly the same…just with sturdy floors, a leak proof roof and hydronic heating!  Our girl will turn 100 yrs old in a few years and she is still very much herself, just refreshed.  Hard to believe it’s now the end of Summer and we are looking forward to being warm and cosy in our home this Winter (last Winter was FREEZING as we started renovations in bitter weather).  A few pics below.

21022015 11

26112014 1


I look forward to planting up the garden in late Winter, our  garden isn’t complete without our old vegie garden.  Still, the little planter is doing quite well!  I’ve made endless jars of pesto with the crazy basil of both purple and emerald varieties.

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Living a David Attenborough Documentary life

In January we visited Heron Island – it was like stepping into a David Attenborough (my hero) documentary…

We swam with sharks, rays, turtles, schools of fish…watched baby turtles erupt from the sand at our feet and turtles come to shore to lay at night leaving tractor like marks in the sand in the early morning sun.

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